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what about the muslims? christians? and other religions? wheres our cross walk at? wheres our benefits at? where is our sympathy? you suckers get all of this shit for what? because something happened to your religion? yes just a fkn religion NOT A RACE NOR ARE YOU SEMETIC unless your family come straight from isreal..but even then its just a religion..did you all ever wake up and do a dna test to see where your geneology comes from? if your not of LATIN decent your NOT even close to being semetic!! you people cry and cry about hitler and what he did to your people when your not even semetic!!! what a fkn joke..face the FACTS!!! nobody has ever seen god nor will anyone meet him....dont you think that after the history of mankind that someone will see him,her,it? i dont think so....its a proven fact that jeasus was just a man and clearly not the son of god!!! why would a supernatural being choose 1 person out of a gazillion people to be his son? man please..wake the fk up and smell the coffy. bunch of top hat wearin penny grabbin non semetic fools.................NO DISRESPECT TO THE SEMITS!!
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