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Originally Posted by pinky2252s View Post
was it really bad?
here is how an "out of balance" carb will effect engine life .

lets say you get your new engine , you have no idea how to tune , you just keep leaning the top until it rips like a (modded)banshee on the top speed .
the engine will get enough fuel and lubrication when in the lower rpm range but will starve for both as it hits the upper rpm's creating accelerated wear . 4-5 gallons if your lucky

you lean the lsn down too much , lean bog will raise temps faster than overlean top . very accelerated wear 2 gallons maybe if left like this .

hsn is the control valve, set the control valve first when final race tuning . after doing so go to the lsn and lean until the engine keeps a consistent idle but does not ting when idling , that is caused from lack of fuel on lsn . lower the idle until it is as low as you can get it and it will maintain a good safe idle during on track decel and on the bench for at the least 20 sec.
after you do the low end you will usually have to richen the hsn about 1-2 hours

there will be a few things that will need to be tweaked slightly but that will get you in the ball park .


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