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Originally Posted by Randy_Pike View Post
I personally like knowing what esc I'm plugged into by seeing the graphic.
Could be as simple as text in the upper corner displaying what esc you're plugged into, software version, and firmware version. I wouldn't mind this interface at all, if it worked properly... The sliders are broken, and the text is unreadable. The cool design itself isn't bad at all...

Originally Posted by Randy_Pike View Post
As always: You talk, we listen.
Thanks for listening Randy.. we greatly appreciate it. I can't speak for everybody, but it feels REALLY REALLY good buying a product like my new RS and RS pro (yes, i have two), knowing there are guys like you right here on the forums ready to help us out with anything we encounter. For that reason alone, you won't see me running anything else. And when it comes to track days.. that kind of helpful information spreads fast

New kid: "Say... why do you run the tekin?"
Cpt. America "bla bla its the best... bla bla personal help from the guys at Tekin directly on the forums helping out in an incredibly quick fashion..."

It really is invaluable.

Another bug I have, is the text "Descriptions", dont completely show so you almost cannot even read what you are choosing. For example, when you right click the slider that changes it from fw/rv/break, forward / break / no reverse.. it only shows like the first 9 or 10 characters (dont recall exactly, would have to go look), and the rest are just cutoff. I can only assume the one I chose was forward and break only, no reverse.
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