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Originally Posted by gortan View Post
i cant say anything about 1s functionality... otherwise 198 worked well for me.

May I suggest however (again ) to drop the nice looking graphics in the UI to a more functional one that easy to see what you have selected and easier to control.

Is it just me that when i put the mouse on the slider it's extremely difficult to move more than a couple of points at a time? you have to point to it again and click and drag again to move a futher couple of points...

granted u can use the up down arrows, etc...

I concur completely. The interface design is just horrible... For one thing, I cannot read the text over the buttons on the right. It looks like black text over dark red/black background. I also have issues moving the sliders... They don't slide from top to bottom with one swipe... you have to sorta move it some of the way, then re-click to move it some more.. re-click to move it some more.. over and over until you get it to the top. Sometimes it will slide all the way to like 95% then stop.

I have another suggestion... when the program is installed, it would be nice to have the version listed right along side the name of the program in the add/remove programs list.
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