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Default I have to rant listen if you like

I know some of you are probably tired of hearing me rant about anything and everything. But the truth is i did not no anything about nitro until i bought my mbx 6. The ONLY reason i went this rout was i wanted to put it together. To me, that is half the fun. Well of course i had to have the best of everything so i bought a m11 radio, and OS vspec. Some would say this is stupid and it probably was. I had a ofna .26 big block that threw a rod before I bought the vspec. Now I have done everything that i thought was right. All my free time and money has been spent on this hobby. I want so bad for the damn thing to run right like it is supposed to. The guy at the hobby shop seems to ignore me, i went by for him to help me tune it the other day and of course he was to busy to help me, even though i have spent 2 grand is his damn shop. So yesterday it bottomed out in water. Fine. Took it apart and cleaned it top to bottom. Fired it up today and had trouble starting it. I flushed it with nitro and it started but i had to keep the triger on it to keep it idleing. But the damn thing would not go over 160 degrees no matter what i did. so i went back to the light factory settings and tried to tune it down. Well right when it started to run right i hit another damn big as puddle and it stalled out. so here i am running like a mad man, removed the filter, and flushed it with more nitro. Fine. Engine is running again but not so good. I keep trying to warm it up without leaning it to much and the damn thing wont idle with out eventually dying. So after a couple hours i finally get it running half decent and the damn reciever pack goes dead the engine revs FULL THROTLE on my starter box for about 5 seconds before i can shut it off. All this and the engine is only about 165. So i removed the linkage and there i am starting it with one hand and working the throtle with the other. Still cant get it hot. I am finally fed up to the extreme. so i flush it out so i can put it up. Now once my engined cooled i turn the flywheel. It has a noticable loss of compression. I really think my engine is fried. I am very upset because i just want it to work and i can't get anyone to help me. My girfreind is trying but she knows a ton less then me. I am really in the dumps over this. I am thinking about selling it all and doing something less stressfull with my money. But i can't. So i guess if i want to keep doing it i have to fix my engine right, i did break it in very well and tuned rather nicely. but i don't know if it is the same. So would a new sleeve fix this? or do i need a piston and sleeve?? provided the crank is still ok???? I dont know. Sorry for the rant.
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