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Default Slayer 3.3 Tuning???S

I have a Traxxas Slayer with a 3.3 that has the beefed up Davis Desiel connecting rod. The truck flies when it is running. Tune seems to be pretty close.

I run O'Donnell 30% racing fuel.

I am having hard time getting it to idle without shutting off. Sometimes it is very hard to start. I do not have the EZ start system on anynmore. I use a roto start with a external glow plug heater.

I have replaced the glow plug and reset to the factory needle spec's

Factory needle specs seem to be a little rich for my area.

When driving the truck it runs great as long as I keep the rpms up. It actually runs awesome. Pulling the front wheels off of the ground when it hits second gear.

During low speed runs it tends to flame out alot. What problem am I looking at. Ia this a rich problem on the LSN or a Lean condition. I am not that great at tuning yet.

By the way the motor has great pinch. Thanks in advance for any imformation that you may be able to give me.

Ohh yea. I dont have a temp gun yet to read the head temps. (I ordered one today from summit racing. )

Will a gun with the range of -76F to 356F sffice. (hope I never get above 250)
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