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#1 My take on what wolf said
If you are really good, you don't need to fake by using somebody's name to make others to believe you are related to somebody
is in referance to the company Rb innov.(riding on the shirttail of RB concepts).
#2 first mod i tired on my RC10 was a 'Turbo fan' induction type intake. While it did boost power some i tried doing it with an elect. motor driven Charger. The Drawbacks were xtra batt and elect motor weight added.I had the idea for the same beltdrive sys but without a lathe and mill I had to go with what I had.So i eventually Scrapped the whole project.
#3 Popsracer brings up an interesting point about Sealing the bearings. I ran across some bearings from Boca Bearings. They are ultra seal part # so I think that might fix the leaky bearing issue.
#4 motors can only turn sooo many RPMS. I think if for some reason you had to run a lower nitro content this might be benificial but we blow our motors up without supercharging them and when you supercharge your power goes up while your economy goes down. more pitstops.... i think that this Hop up would apply best to RC Drag racing alot moreso then in 30 min mains.
#5 Its not Race legal
Thats my 2 cents worth
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