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Originally Posted by MSB View Post
I don't know who you refer by "got what he deserved because he finds him self very good and better than other people". Could you bee more specific please?
It's not for sure M. Hofer you are talking about. He is been helping everybody with the proper settings of the Genius 120 and accurate tips for better performance in this forum. Also, I met him at the Euros in Spain and he had never refused me an help as Ralf Helbing. Such kind of attention is also important as I had never seen this way of helping by other European brands. Iím not a good driver and I received the same attention as the pros.

Working with the Genius software is really a thing you can never see in other esc because you can change what ever you like instead of one button that gives you only a unique profile. Some setup boxes gives you some changes that are never enough.
No not M Hofer or Ralf Helbing but a dutch driver.

Also i love my Tekin.
Best service i have ever got and best speedo i ever got.
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