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Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
I AM actually! But, I will need my second PT by the time I get there (one for me, one for the misses). Debating whether to go with one of these, or buy a used AMB.
If you get the PTX you have the advantage of using the cloned number for whenever you race the car both cars. If the misses uses the car you just push the small button on thre PTX so it switches to another number. It is very easy to do the number swap. It is only a matter of seconds in between different numbers and it is easy going back to your cloned number. The instructions are easy to use.

The PTXs I have have been in use for almost a year and no troubles what so ever. I have 4 of them and only used 2 of them. Being that these work so well I am sure the other 2 are fine also.

I know most racers don't want to veer away from AMB because of its reliabuility. MRT PTXs are just as reliable plus smaller and lighter. No regrets of using MRT. If the wire ever frays on mine, it looks a bit tight to replace the wire but it can be done and you will not butcher the case like on the AMB. The bottom cover of the PTX is screwed on.
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