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Originally Posted by Marz View Post
Hi guys -

Been a huge Hong Nor / Jammin fan for a while here, but in Australia, the price was relatively expensive, especially compared to all these 2nd generation cars which come out. Then I spent a fair bit of time talking about the car with the Aussie distributor, and I ended up going from AE to HN, and haven't been happier. The price, parts and support I get are 2nd to none. The car isn't the lightest, but it's more the driver than the end product to me, and I'll get it dialed in soon enough. The X2CRT is unreal, and like most HN products, there's no need to buy hopups - they're built in to the kit! With the dual rate cranked up, steering is fast enough and fluid enough, and I am sure to stick with the brand for a long time now.

If there's anyone out there who races high traction tracks, ie grass, astro, can you let me know - as I'd love your set up.

Thanks guys.

Good to hear you're happy with it! Here is Matt Gosch's setup from Motorama... It may be what you're looking for. I know that the traction was very high from what I've heard, and if you notice, he runs a very light oil/small hole piston shock setup as well...
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