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Thanks to Dave Simpson @ GOTNITROONLINE.COM I picked up another podium finish. Engine ran very smooth with EFRA2010 (one spacer) on my Kyosho ST-RR w/Nitrotane. Usually I run Byrons Gen2 but I did have very good results with the nitrotane.....could have easily gone 11mins.(621t)

If anyone has questions about these engines........ 6 port perfect for buggy or truggy/ Fully modified from factory/ and run like a striped azz ape. Large cooling head heep them sub 220 / run good with 20 percent nitro content to 30/ Usable power all through the RPM range/ also come with the venturi carburator with 3 diffrent inserts. Engines can be purchased via GOTNITROONLINE.COM

I come from running an O.S. SPEED, so the switch was well worth it!!!!
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