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Originally Posted by Apl Hed View Post
What ever dude, how would you feel if this happened to you. I was told it was near perfect, 2 bodies, xtra parts, I got 1 tore up body, no prts, and junk truck. I paid 150 bucks for crap!!!! then he lies that i didnt pay him, then starts a freekin scammer thread about me? give me a break loser, I am pissed!

He hasnt contacted me yet, i have left my cell in a pm. If I scammed him, dont you think he would call?
I do agree that this should be put in the proper place but we all know what he did to you and people will find your thread if they look. I would not just keep the drama going bro. I know your mad and anyone of us would be but arguing with other member when HE did this to you will not fix things, it will just get you and other members fighting for no reason... Just push your chair away from your keyboard and go for a long walk and cool off. You know I am on your side but you need to cool off for awhile...
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