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Default Re: SoCal last Sat

Originally posted by RCBuddha
Hey Johnny55,

I ended up like second to last, I don't know what happened....My car was dialed, my Fuku Packs charged, my motor tweaked, and all of a sudden I get brain fade during the main. Oh well, there's always next week.

I just wish Slim would put me in your Heats; during the last two weeks, I would set TQ, then you would set TQ. It wasn't fair that only you and Jay were the only two in the heat....I got stuck with all the racers who ended up in the B-Main.

I'm still sorting out the Losi, it feels fast, and my lap times show it, but it is taking me longer than expected to find a good starting setup.


BTW, I've decided that I've been jinxing myself when I tell you to go ahead...So no more of that this week. No worries, i ain't going to push any battles unless you wanna.....
Me push battles!? Hell no, then Ill be a wreck. To me the more relaxed I feel out their the better I do for some reason. Have fun no matter know. But I do agree with you about jinxing yourself buy telling me to go ahead because I was feeling like you had alreaghty lost mentally. Annyway I know you and you know that we both are respectful drivers and we both respect each other and I think thats what counts in my book, love racing you BTW. Lets just go out and have fun and if you want to know what Im doing to my motors Ill show you if youd like. Latre.
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