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Both John and Randman is spot ON! the packs should not be cool over a fan simply because the outside can will cool while the internals is still warm and very active. You have to let it rest and recuperate before the next charge. I see racers cooling their packs on fan and within an hour thinks the pack is cool enough to charge because it felt cool to touch and afterwards the packs weren't performing as expected.

Now, for the towel parts. LOLOLOL! the reason you see our racers putting a towel on it last Sunday was because the ambient outside temp was cold so what end up happening is the packs will be over-charged if left with a light cool breeze of air blowing on it. This is in the morning during the Toyota/Lexus race. Also, because there was close to 30 heats, it was hard to calculate when the next heat is coming up so people were charging their packs and waiting but by the time their heat came up. The packs weren't ideally right to give out its full performance becuase it had naturally cooled off. So to retain it's heat so the internal chemicals are still active, I suggested to them to insulate the charged packs with a towel. It works!

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