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Originally Posted by CraigM View Post
10.5 is a massive class in Australia and many people have bought this speed control for it, and I've never seen this many fried motors. Profile 7 seems to be too aggressive for most 10.5 motors, the exception (perhaps obviously) is the LRP Vector Stock spec 10.5... this is probably because it has less RPM to start with compared with novak/hacker/sp/etc

This is basically what happens (I've done 2 novaks to find this out). You gear down to start with (compared with TC spec) and the motor temps fine, I was running 50-60 on a hot day, then you either go up a tooth (which should run about 10 degrees hotter) or pick up some speed with setup and drive a bit harder and the temps get exponentially higher until catastrophy. To test that it was actually the profile, over the weekend when I melted one motor (running 38mm rollout), I put in a new one and pulled the profile back to 5 and it temped at 47 degrees with the same gearing. Interestingly, on profile 5 I did the same lap time, and the car was still a weapon down the straight
I'm running Trinity Duo and Lrp X11 Stock Spec 10.5T on profile 8!! and I haven't melted any motor yet (however my Duo came out of track quite hot few times). Truly I haven't tested lower profile than 7 on SPX - aren't first 6 profiles same as on TC Comp?
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