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Originally Posted by Skiddins View Post
I'll answer some of my own questions first

Setting '6', with a track temp of 24degC, my motor was coming off at 50degC and the speedo was very warm, just enough to hold my finger on (without the heatsink).

Took the profile up to '7' and the motor came off at 70degC! while the ESC was 60degC

This was all with the same gearing as usual.

Several other guys were one pinion down.
This was on medium grip mid-size asphalt;

Several people commented it was a rocket down the straight and into the sweeper.

It does require the room to wind itself up to speed, so I'm not sure how effective it would be on smaller tracks or in off road where there aren't any large straights and grip is not as high as on-road.

Hey Skiddins, when running the SPX with 10.5T or higher turn stock motors, do you feel the SPX has "noticeably" less acceleration or punch as compared to Sphere TC at similar profile number?

What I am trying to get to is if Sphere TC with larger pinion gear at profile 7 or 8 could actually be faster than SPX overall. Basically, does SPX has a clear advantage over Sphere TC, or it is just different, not clearly better.

I would think since Sphere TC has less timing, it would have more torque than SPX. Can you or someone share your experience?
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