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Also, for guys who are doubting the motor clamp, the two screws holding a motor within a conventional motor mount are essentially a clamp, but with a much smaller suface area than that of the schuey motor mount.

There is ALOT of leverage and stress put on two little machine screws, yet they rarely move upon crashes and whatnot. As for the torque of the rotor and/or armature, the same applies with conventional motor mounts. The only thing different about the shuey mount is that its, well, different. If anything, the added surface area should hold the motor more securely and put less stress on the chassis, bulkheads, and motor mounts.

Think about it, would you rather hold a broom horizontally from then end, or the middle? And If one where to twist the broom, which hold would be more secure?

At least, that's my way of thinking things.

A great move if you ask me.
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