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Originally Posted by adamge View Post
Yeah but, the rotor doesn't touch the clamp - the can does. And the only way to transfer torque from the rotor to the can is the magnetic force, which is simply the amount of torque the motor produces. A 17.5t has _way_ more torque than a 27t. I don't know the torque numbers for mod motors, so I don't know how the torque of a 17.5t compares to a 6t and a 4.5t. I suspect similar or lesser.

The other way the rotor can put force on the clamp is if the drive train rapidly changes speeds: say you hit a wall and the tires stop. Now the rotor's inertia dictates how much vertical force there is between the spur and pinion, and that force is transferred and resisted by first the bearings, then the clamp. Now, I'll give you that the clamp is relatively weak in vertical force generated at the rotor compared to the traditional bulkhead, so hitting a wall could actually move the mount.
I'll make this simple for you, unbolt your motor from your car and hold it in your hand, now gun the motoro a couple of times and then hit the brakes. Thats the same thing that the clamp is trying to prevent. Now I have a similar clamp for a motor checker and it has a big thumb wheel to crank it tight, and the motor still rotates, so I don't a single screw will be anymore effective. BUT I'm sure that Schumacher has this worked out in some way that we can't see in the pics. Still a very nice piece.
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