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Originally Posted by wyd View Post
If you want to keep it slow and use your Mamba without cogging then buy a Castle 4600 motor and setup you speedo for brushless. Turn the start power to low, timing to low. Setup speedo as normal with your endpoints. Once you have it setup normal then turn your epa down from 100 to about 70. If it is still too fast just kep turning down the epa until you get a speedo you would like for them.

This way you have a motor that works and is designed for the Castle speedos. If not Tekin makes a lower KV sensorless motor. I think it is a 358 but you would have to check for sure on their site. It is around 3200KV or so.

A 17.5 motor will cog. While Castle has made better and better programming it still isn't made for sensored motors so to get the best performance I would say use a sensorless motor.
Except if he wants to race it, he's probably out out of luck unless they have an open motor class... 17.5's are meant to compete with silver cans, which, on average top out around 18,000 (give or take) RPM... A 2700kV motor on 2S LiPo has more RPM than that... Most tracks won't let EPA adjustment pass for motor speed/fairness, in a specific motor class...
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