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Originally Posted by kvrc View Post
wyd thanks for the info. getting a 4600 or any other faster motor and turning back the endpiont wont wotk since i use a basic am kit radio for this truck.
the mamba max does work great with brushed stock motors so i guess i will burn through the ones i have and see if i can score a second hand novak esc and 17.5 motor.
Got any brushed mod motors? Before brushless I put a stock armature in a modified can, so I could turn down the timing. Lower timing = a little less speed, much less heat, much less brush/comm wear, better runtime. The bearings help run time and maintenance too. And if itís not enough punch you can always do the same with a 19T or whatever arm.

Not nearly as good as a brushless, but perhaps a way to get the kid some run time at low cost without burning up every motor ya got.
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