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The Triton requires 90 watts of power to do up to full capacity.
That is 5 amps at 18 volts. My little 3amp ps gives 36 watts each, enough to do a 6 cell battery (9volts) at about 4 amps. It will also do most all rx and tx and small jobs.

I always just use 3 amps and if I need more I plug in another and if I need more just plug in another for a total of 9 amps at 12 volts. This is 108 watts of power, more than enough to max out the capacity of the triton.

I was merely offering to give a little cheap but new 3 amps supply along with it as it doesn't give any voltage errors like some other power supplies do. It will also do any of the settings that require 36 watts or less. I also offer the temp probes new for $9.99
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