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Originally Posted by AEFT2009 View Post
I am disappointed with my Speed, especially considering the number of bills I parted with, don't get me wrong it is a reliable engine but IMHO I could have bought a better engine and for less. I am disappointed with the fuel economy and the power, they just dont live up to the hype. My Speed has 3 gallons on it now and it has excellent compression, bearings and rod are still in perfect shape, I did change the rod after run in though.

Get the NOVA!!

No, not even true. I heard terrible story about Nova as well. I have OS speed VSpec II for about two months, and it is so much better/smoother than my GO engine. I haven't tried toroNero but I have a Plus 4. I think OS speed has more bottom end power than Plus4. Well, I just have the Plus4 for couple wks. I guess I need more time on it before I can draw a conclusion.

Oh, one weakness of OS speed is the price!!! Both Nova Plus 4 and ToroNero are cheaper
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