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Originally Posted by AEFT2009 View Post
I am disappointed with my Speed, especially considering the number of bills I parted with, don't get me wrong it is a reliable engine but IMHO I could have bought a better engine and for less. I am disappointed with the fuel economy and the power, they just dont live up to the hype. My Speed has 3 gallons on it now and it has excellent compression, bearings and rod are still in perfect shape, I did change the rod after run in though.

Get the NOVA!!
My O.S speed has NO fuel milage issues, and definitly has no shortage of power. im able to get 10 to 15 min. on mine with the stock 7MM restricture. If you can find a O.S speed for the same price as the NOVA there is no question in my mind go with the O.S

The O.S speed has a a hardcoated crank as well as ceramic bearings. ive never seen a O.S speed motor get less then 4 gallons. Most that ive ran get 7-10 gallons on them. However if you think about it, they have had more run time on them after 7-10 gallons than most motors that have 15-20 gallons on them, because of there very long runtime between pit stops..

Both good motors, go with what you want, you cant go wrong.

my .02
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