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Originally Posted by Electric Dave View Post
For every Nitro issue, there is a corresponding electric issue. We have Thermal Shut downs, pinion problems, drivetrains that can't take the snap of clutchless electric power, heat issues like crazy, insane long battery swaps, motors that are not designed to run more than 10 mins, LiPo safety issues, weight issues, unbalanced chassis for the entire run issues.

The grass is always greener.

I don't care what you drive, in an open class, it always is the driver who wins, not the vehicle. If you are a Nitro racer loosing to electric or an electric driver loosing to nitro, practice more and complain less.
Some people act like we just sit our cars on the track and they drive themselves around right into the A main! Plug and play baby. Don't even have to drive.
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