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If you discharge down to .9 volts per cell at 30 amps, when there is no load, the voltage is going to jump right back up to 7.2+ for the pack. NiMH seem more suseptable to this than Nicd. When at a high discharge rate, they lose the ability to maintain voltage output but still have charge left in them. I will take my packs down on the lights (20 amps), then put them in a tray (an Itegy tray with resistors and LED's) the LED's flash FOREVER before they go out, whereas nicads don't last as long. I am not refering to total capacity!!

If you take the pack down to 5.4 volts at 30 amps, you have not completly discharged the cells down to .9 each. The only way to effectively do this is at a LOW amperage discharge for each cell.
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