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Originally Posted by 3rd-dan View Post
Hi guys,

Are the Bearings in the car similar to the CRC Generation X ?
Can i mount the alloy upper arm mounts, 1/12 Front End Pro-Brace and spacers for the rear axle for shiming out from crc?
Wich parts should i buy with my car, break easily?

I had the SP12X by corally but i wasnt as fast as with my old G3.

Hope to get some answers.
Yes the bearings are the same size for the rear axle and the front wheels on the GenX and DB12RR.

You can use the alloy upper arm mounts and brace, but they are not necessary at all. Just run the front end with the box stock parts.

If you are talking about the 1/4" i.d. shims CRC sells for the rear axle, yes they will work. I use the machined aluminum spacers BMI makes for the rear axle. Part #DB4050. Makes centering the axle so much easier.

As far as spares pick up some; lower front arms, 8-32 aluminum screws for the front arms, flex plates, a spare center pivot, brass king pin shims and nylon castor shims (in case you drop one of the little buggers ), front foam bumpers (from BMI, not Parma), some body posts, maybe some optional front end springs (get the linear front springs, very nice). Oh yea, pick up a package of DB4017, it's the little screw for the left clamp hub. The screw is an odd size, and if you ever need to replace it, they are nice to have on hand.

Here's a few optional parts you may want to consider later. DB5314, DB5315, and DB4316. These are the alloy ride height adjusters for the front end, very nice. DB5305 is a cool looking carbon fiber servo saver brace. I haven't broken a servo saver in years, but it's carbon fiber, so it's cool! . Of course don't forget the ultimate performance enhancing device, a BMI t shirt!

The car is quite durable, I still have the original front arms from the beginning of the season. The trick is to pre tap the mounting screw holes with an 8-32 tap. This will prevent the screw holes in the lower arms from stretching and possibly cracking.

At my local track. I've broken a couple of flex plates, and worn out some front bumpers and body posts. But that's about it. Hope this helps.

I made the jump from the SP12X to the BMI DB12RR and I'm never looking back! You will be quite pleased with the car and the company.
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