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Default Urgent Help

Hey guys, majors problems here, in 5 days time, the State Championships are on, down here in Australia, Brisbane.

I'm running the TA04 TRF with a Johnson 540 Grey Can motor, and from my previous posts I am have trouble getting speed, I've bought so many different 48pitch gears its not funny trying to figure out a good ratio.

I've strated to find some speed but it keeps on overheating the motor, I'm running 87spur and 36 pinion, the lowest pinion I can go is 33 with that spur, I tried that, I lost all this speed but the motor was still over heating.

I got 84, 81, and even 75 spurs and a couple of pinions, my budget is VERY tight and I have trouble buying new gears, so can anyone give me a ratio that will give me speed, or one that has worked for you other guys?

PLZ help as I've only got 5 days till the states, and I don't wanna waste my entry!!!
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