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Originally Posted by jkas10 View Post
I'm in for $10!

I posted this in the original thread. Let me know if you guys feel comfortable with me helping my Brother out.
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I am sorry about what happened but it could have been worse. Thank God that your son was OK.

I am down at Fort Carson - I was just in Denver working at Fitsimmons and Buckley AFB yesterday. Man, that just bites the big one.

I know you didn't post this thread looking for help in the way that people are offering, but dude, I'm in.

If you don't feel comfortable with posting your paypal, I will ask these kind people if they will trust me to be the fund manager and collect funds on your behalf.

We all know how much of our time, money, heart and soul that we put into our R/C vehicles. When something like this happens to a fellow fanatic, we all feel the pain and want to help. So let us help you out, my brother. Cool?

Guys, if you feel comforatable with me holding the funds, let me know an I will post or PM you my paypal for donations to ArmyMedic. I am about an hour from him and a fellow Soldier.

Keep this at the top!
I don't care who controls the money, as long as all that are donating agree.
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