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Default stabilizers for tt01

Hi Smacka..I put the tt-01e upperdeck on my car with the adjustable upper arms.I used Team Losi stab kits and some ingenuity.I tried to post pics but they won't to facebook,there is a tt-01 page and the pics are need to drill 2 small holes in the upperarm tabs( I swear they were ment to be drilled out for this reason) the rears already have holes. get some longer screws and your have stab bars for under $40.00.the tamiya stab kits cost 35.00 in Canada.The losi ones are $6.00 for the kit front and rear in one bag.The upper arms are 20.00 and the etype parts will cost around 15.00.To do it the tamiya/3 racing way you are into 25.00 for the upper deck and 36.00 x 2 for the stab bars.
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