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Default upgrade XXX-S to Graphite

I am new to sport, I recently bought a used XXX-S.
I have studied the parts list for both the regular and the graphite version, so I think I know what parts are different.

Many of the parts which distinguish the graphite from the regular xxx-s are identical; they just are made of different material.
(Graphite parts lighter? stronger?)

My question is what graphite version parts provide the most bang for the buck?

The new yellow belt? $10.
The aluminum MIP brand dogbones 4x10=$40
( I have heard the aluminum are easier to bend in a crash than the steel ones)
The 2 rear off set hub things and rear suspension arms (Do you need to buy both?) 2 x $7.50= $15 arms 2 x $11=$22

The threaded shock body seemed like a genuine improvement when it came to adjusting the car. 2 x $20=$40

The 24mm wheels. Since I am planning in buying another set of wheels these seemed like a good deal.

Since I am a real novice driver, I am wondering if would notice even a slight improvement with any of thes upgrades.
Given the first 4 items I mentioned already add up to $127, might I be just better off waiting and buying a graphite kit at some point?
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