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Originally Posted by Smacka View Post
Please help me guys! i joined this forum just to ask lol. if i wanted to put stabilizers front and rear on my tt01 would i need any other upgrades? Someone has told me that i need both custom A-arms and an upper deck to fit them but im not sure.
i want to race my car on as little budget as i can and all i want is stabilizers, allum shaft and maybe ball diffs in addition to oil dampers and ball-joint sterring which i already have. im also contemplating trying to fit my mamba 25 into my tt01 for laughs haha.
bro those people are right you need the combination of Tamiya Adjustable Upper Arm Set #53674 and Tamiya TT-01 Carbon Upper Frame #53672 to fit the stabilizer set. given you the part number above. cheers
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