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Originally Posted by Hetfield6J View Post
Hi all. I'm new to electric sedan, and recently purchased a type-R. I must have made a mistake on the front diff assembly because when i turn any of the wheels without all the wheels moving, it loosens the diff to the point it would actually come apart if you kept turning. I un-assembled and re-assembled the diff with no effect. Any quick idea's on what may be causing it?

Thanks for any help.
Its most likely you have got something wrong involving the thrust assembly. Check the the section that over the long black bolt and make sure you have got it right. There should be a blue ring cover 1st, then a thrust washer ( grooved side away from bolt head), thrust bearing (gold gage with small diff balls), thrust washer (groove towards bolt head), diff spring (should be silver and not black). If this is not right the bolt will turn and loosen with any diff action and the diff will come apart.
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