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Originally Posted by Yeti35 View Post
The 42t reguardless if it is a standard diff pulley or spool pulley has the ridge. If you bought two 42T spool pulleys with no ridge, you have mispackaged 41T pulleys. The 41T has no ridge at all as a regular diff pulley and spool pulley.
Can you believe that S%@T! C'mon Losi... Stop giving your packaging team free JB to drink during working hours! 2 kits both with incorrect or missing parts, BOTH spools with 41 pulleys instesad of 42's!

Time for some offensive e-mails

Originally Posted by Pablo Diablo
Looks good Dragonfire but not as good as that strawberry tablecloth under your car!
Yes mums tablecloth is great. The camera didn't like my white setup board so this actually worked good. Weights are on as well now minus 10g but have 20g on front bumper and around 90g on left front. Currently on 51/49% f/r. Would have liked more over the front.
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