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totally is true. There is no denying it. The physics of it can only result in one scenario. The 0 offset loads the bearings more than the 1/2. By the same token, just changing hub offsets doesn't necessarily make it better. I really dont even know why you would change out hubs. Unless you were going to run 1/2 hubs and 1/2 wheels which would be nuts wide. offset hubs dont even make sense. If you 1/2 hubbed a 0 offset that would REALLY load the bearings. 1/2 hub 1/2 wheel would be just as bad.

Losi 1.0 and Jammin' CRT X1 and X2 (and any others alike 1/2 offset) have the best design for hub design/wheel combo for bearing stress distribution. Not saying its such a large issue that it makes all others junk, it just means you betta keep an eye on them bearings with 0 offset wheels.
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