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Originally Posted by Mutabarucka View Post
Ok I have a few Q for the guys that race the 416, a friend just bought a 416 and drove it for one weekend and broke four chub by just taping the boards and now he have a hard time getting parts in the USA and he want to sell it to me but my Q is where do you get the part for this car and what parts should I keep on hand? is there another chub I could use instead of the one that come with the kit? are the arms the same as the chubs easy to break?
any help will be appreciated.
There may be an alloy version, but it will bend out of shape on a heavy impact so it's just as bad as crashing out really.

Can't say i've heard of any problems in particular with the C hubs, so your friend sounds just very unlucky, they may have hit it at a bad angle to put more pressure on it than normal.
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