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Originally Posted by Keven H View Post
Here is the latest setup I have been running for 13.5 or 10.5 ! It is the one I used at Snowbirds !

Front :
ride height : 4.2
camber :1.5
caster :6
Toe : 1 out
hex spacing .5mm
wheelbase : 1mm
steering link : 2B
Bumpsteer : 3mm (silver ballstud )

Shock position : 2A
Camber link : 3
Arm mounts Both 3A
2.5mm for arm mount shim
1.5mm uptravel
black rollbar
60 weight oil
#3 piston
xray 28lbs spring

Thick Grease in front diff
A3 belt tension (midlow)

ride height : 4.2
camber :2.5
1 deg Hub
Toe : ~2.75 deg
hex spacing .75mm
wheelbase : 2mm

Shock position : 2B
Camber link : 3A
Arm mounts Both 2A
1mm for arm mount shim front
2.5mm for arm mount shim rear
1.5mm uptravel
black rollbar
30 weight oil
#57 piston
xray 17lbs spring (white)
B15 for belt tention (lowest)

Parma Magenta Tires (new compound)
protoform r9 body

hope you guys like it !!!
What is the 2.5mm arm shim?
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