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Originally Posted by John Tag View Post
Hey All...

I had a slight issue with web server this week. It jamed the current orders placed last few days. Issue is resolved and those items ordered in stock will ship monday....

Just want to give my boy Andrew a BIG shout out.. We went to check out new Off Road track down the road 105x75 indoor track. Went to just watch, About 25 minutes before race time I decided to get a rental Slash truck for fun to try the layout being it looked really awesome. I ran 2 laps and thought the rental was a DOG. I said to Andrew, Come drive this and have fun. He ran 5 laps after not running anything for 5 weeks. I then decided to sign him up to race for the fun of it,Being we could only to run the first round and had to leave for Monster Truck event in town. Andrew went on to TQ the 1st round and wind up second of 16 trucks on the A main grid after only 1 run. Yes it was a Novice class,But heck there were 4x4 mods,Mod trucks and all cars mixed and he ran a Slash. Great run Andrew I guess the Glasses really did help!!!

Guys I will return all contacts tommorow..U Too BD
way to go Andrew
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