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Originally Posted by XxDestroyerxX View Post
hey just a quick question about a tuned pipe.

i have cut the manifold (i think it's called a manifold) of my tuned pipe slightly shorter so that it would fit in my colt will it make a difference to tuning the engine?

Will it affect needle setting-NO; will it affect engine performance -YES. The "tuned exhaust" system has two components - 1. header 2. resonance chamber (pipe) & the pipe performs two functions - 1. scavanging 2. packing.

Scavanging is the SUCKING action after the exhaust port opens to remove all burn gasses out of the combustion chamber. Packing is forcing unburnt fuel trapped in the header back into the combustion chamber. Header length affects scavanging. But don't panic, with all that said, most pipes have a fairly long divergent cone, so at worst all you've done is narrowed your power band.
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