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Default Rustler with CC 5700kv need some input

Okay, I just bought a bandit vxl roller chassis for super cheap. I'm converting it to a rustler so I bought some rustler arms, drive shafts, body posts, tires blah blah. I have a monster max from my e-maxx BL setup. Found a deal on the castle 5700kv and got it. Now here's my question. I won't be able to get it all together til this weekend but im noticing that everyone is gearing these things waaaaay down. Does the motor not have any get up and go? I was thinking about just running the stock 23/76 setup fron the bandit. But it seems like i cant find anyone running less than a 15/86....I currently have 6-cell propel 4500mah home-made packs. The cc 5700 from what I read draws around 80 amps, which is within the burst limits of those packs...but I would assume the motor wont be pulling 80 amps continuous and i certainly wont be driving it flat out non stop....just backyard bashing. does the kv really drive up temps that much? When I get everything together I will definetly post my temp readings. Just looking for input, speculation, experience, comments. Should be a fun topic

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