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LMAO! You guys are funny because you guys don't race at Speedworld you think it needs to be at Nor-cal (YOUR track). Speedworld is the place and if not it will be in L.A. L.A. Roadrunners has better asphalt than Nor-cal! SpeedWorld is the all around top notch facility hands down. You say Nor-cal has been contacted to hold the Reedy race? You think it is a great place because K.J. won the open class? LMAO, That's the best reason I have heard.

I believe on supporting your track but get serious!

-Electric turnout has been a little low at Speedworld, but the Nitro turnout has been great!! I am pretty sure electric TC turnout is low everywhere..

-Sacramento is an International airport also.. Is is just 30 minutes away..

Just my opinion

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