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With out a doubt, Nor-Cal Hobbies would be a great venue for the Reedy race! If parking is the only gripe with this then I think everything else is in place to make this event happen. If you gotta park in the street, okay big deal?

Let's talk about the good reasons for a minute. There can be indoor pitting for all entries and even out door pitting if you want to pit outside. That huge Holiday Inn is 2 minutes from the track and across the street there's resturants all over the place. The Oakland airport is 15-20 minutes from the track. How bout a fully stocked hobby shop on site for the Reedy also!? We all know that Nor-Cal has one of the best pieces of asphalt in the country and is well big enough for the Mod guys to let loose. I'm working with Nor-Cal right now to install and design a world class on-road track/design so you can expect a well constructed layout. Nor-Cal did host the 2008 TCS Regionals. Also, how cool would it be to have last year's open mod winner (Kevin Jelich) who is now the new owner of Nor-Cal Hobbies be part of hosting this year Reedy race?? The new ownership is super hungry and motivated to host big races. The last ownership was one thing and this is another. Scotty Ernst and Rick Howarth, you guys should really consider this. I know you guys have already been contacted and will be receiving more info this week.

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