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Originally Posted by mikky32 View Post
Not the one that Nomac is going to use.
It's not as fast as an X11.
THe 9,5 spec motor from speedpassion is just a bit faster than a 10,5 x11.
hmmm ok, but the speedpassion 9,5 is also very fast if you find a good gearing. And so far I know we only have 1 speedpassion 9,5, and that's the one the nomac is going to use I've been told. Seen at our local track and ETS they're going much faster than a 10,5 x11, but stockspec x11 is also a bit faster than a regular x11 so I think I will go for stockspec x11 if lrp doesnt make a x12 10,5 in a very short time

Lol tegen jou kon ik net zo goed nederlands praten
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