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Originally Posted by caltek1 View Post

Depends on which MO3 kit you have.

The original MO3 kit came with zero degree rear hubs. The latest kits swift and MO3S Cooper 2006 come with two degree rear hubs standard. These are both plastic mouldings.

Dependant on track I run either o degree or 1.5 degree rear toe.

Tamiya B parts Part Number 50736 This is the zero degree hub and uses 1150 wheel bearing.


Thanks for the reply Calvin

I think I have the original M03 (Rover Mini Ie the proper Mini )

I've not heard of the M03S....I thought there was M03, M03M (M03R) & M03L

Not too bother about alloy bits as we are trying to keep this a CHEAP formula

My Mini seems to handle OK with the standard rear hubs, racing on carpet with foams

Thaks once again
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