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Originally Posted by Alfcentori View Post

I know there has to be som modders out there
I am trying to widen the track of my NTC3 4WD plus.
I'm looking for is what is needed to get the chasis higher of the ground.
Only way I can think of is longer axles to get tires away from the chasis.
Then I can put bigger ( taller tires on it which will bring the chasis higher.
After looking I dont think spacers will do it, it will have to be longer drive axles

Need to accommodate larger rims and tires.
I'm thinking a longer axle may work.
Whats the longest axle that will fit the stock cvd or complete cvd changeout if I have to.
There is so little clearance.
Tires have to clear the chassis and muffler when turning for a little dirt trackin
or just running at the ballfield.
seeking positive input to a solution !
I think there is a market for this conversion since there are so many NTC3's out there.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
hey ALFACENTORI I think you need to start your own thread as this one isn't gunna help you much poeple comming on here are looking for info on the PNB race meeting
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