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Default what happend to AE customer service?

sent out a DS1313 servo dec 16th to AE for repair, I also sent off a futaba bls451 the same day I did not have recipts for eighter one as I never keep that stuff around for the wife to see. but included a note if i "must" provide a reciept to call me on my cell phone (which I gave the number) and I will go to the local hobby shop and have one printed out for me. well the futaba servo came back to me end of december no questions asked,brand new servo no hassle. the XP has YET to arrive and I have yet to recieve a phone call asking for a recipt.

I have 2 rc8buggys and the plan is to have a rc8T begining of next mth. I am close to just saying f-it on the RC8T and having my broken servo sent back to me and be done with AE. I have not sent in ONE broken fuel tank even though I have 4 of them sitting on my shelf, or even asked for a free service pack. so its not like I am trying to scam them into replacing a servo for free for me. all I want is the servo to be fixed under warranty like it should in a timely manner.

sorry for the rant just getting it off my chest
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