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I've been told the way to get sponsored is to just race as much as possible and if you think you're good enough, or even if you don't, try anyway. My buddy that told me about his sponsors said every once in a while you may get lucky if your at a big race and a rep sees and likes your driving and sportsmanship, no company will sponsor an a$$hole. But he said it's almost always harder than that. It's just like applying for a job, you make up an actual resume of race results and such. He said he also had to be persistent, not a pest, but professionally persistent. But watch your p's and q's no matter what track you are at because you never know who's watching, good sportsmanship is as important or more important as driving talent. Even if there's not a rep there a sponsored driver might be and he might put in a good word down the road. I only know this stuff second hand, I can't do 5 laps without a turnmarshals help. Hell, I got passed by a blind old woman in a wheel chair. Later. Happy New Year
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