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Another traction compound to be careful with is Zip-Free!. It will weaken lexan as well as causing it to fog up.

I've been guilty in the past of doping my tires on an upside-down car. Usually ends up bad with excess tire compound dripping into the body. Really sucks if it weakens the area around the body mounts. My first lesson with treaded tires and tire dope was with a Tamiya F201. Luckily that car used an open-wheeled body. Unlucky for me is when the excess tire compound sprayed into my face.

Another compund to be careful with is Goof Off that comes in a metal can. I made the mistake of trying to clean off decal residue and it hazed the body. The Goo Gone in a plastic bottle is safe for vinyl and plastic. Regardless, I would suggest testing adhesive removers on a scrap piece of lexan before using them on a body. I should add that Goof Off and Goo Gone are two different types of adhesive remover.
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