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Originally Posted by jiml View Post
Wow, starting early on the New Years celebration, eh?

So based on your answer, I have to ask the question, how do we get new people into the hobby, and have them stay? To put all this effort into stock, you're scaring away anyone new. No one wants to spend that kind of money, especially in this economy. I can't tell you how many people I have introdued into this hobby, only to see them turn away because it's too expensive to get started.

Oops, sorry, serious thread hijack, I'll shut up now.
I think part of the problem is that for as long as we still refer to this passion of ours as a hobby and not a recognised sport people will always find a way to justify not getting involved due to the money needed. Call it a sport and all of a sudden it seems more viable to throw more cash at it. I don't know why but that just seems to be the way it is. The more glorious it is, the more the cash frees up to justify the involvement.

I know for a fact that in one form of motorsport, the high end shop expects the average person off the street to drop 15k for the first season, with an additional 10-12k the second season, and they don't expect this person to be back for the 3rd season. And by the way, because of equipment homologation, the equipment you bought is only good for 4 years at most, and pretty much worthless for resale after that. So where is this going? Just insert the nubie into the same scenario, he bought his stuff, he doesn't like it, so he throws it in a box and goes on, the shop is happy as they got their money, the manufacturer got his cut, and the next nubie has nicely walked in the door.

Do we make this sport more expensive so a person can't afford to quit once they start? Or do we make it so cheap that it can be disposed of easily without any strain on the wallet? So far both scenarios have been applied and yet nothing changes. Make the technology harder, (coms, zappers, batteries) or make it easier (brushless, Lipo) it just doesn't seem to matter. You could have a car ready, charged and sitting on the grid, and you'd still be hard pressed to get someone to run, or at least come back for a second turn. People are just like that.

As much as one thinks that ROAR should do something to make it more popular, the question continues to haunt them, WHAT? I never did figure it out, never did and probably never will. There is no magic formula to make it happen, you have your core group of enthusiasts, people come, people go, life goes on. You just get a short chance to make friends, keep friends and loose friends.

Marble, come on Bob, Noah and I actually had the plans drawn up for a copper car, but then those damn rains came along and screwed everything up.
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