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Originally Posted by Crashby View Post
There was a rear bite issue at the worlds this year. The 1/12th scale cars just could not get enough rear traction. If you go back and look at any of the pictures from the 1/12th worlds, you will see that every car had a Gurney lip on the back of the body in an attempt to get more rear bite. When was the last time you saw anyone running a Gurney lip on a 1/12th car at any big event? One of the ways you can get more rear bite, or balance, is to decrease front bite. By lengthening the upper A arm, you decrease the camber gain through the movement of the suspension making for less aggressive front bite. It does not change the front roll center. Only changing the angle of the upper A arm in relation to the lower A arm or surface of the chassis, changes the roll center.

Also keep in mind that at the worlds, the Associated team was the only team with access to Masami's secret tire foam. It was probably the same foam that Masami used to win the worlds in Florida a few years back. I also saw pictures of other teams from the first days of the worlds that where mounting foam in an attempt to find that elusive rear traction. Have not seen that happen in a long time!! I even saw a picture of Andy Moore mounting foam on wheels.
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