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Originally Posted by MIKESRCSTORE View Post
i just want to know who was going to be in charge and who has been nominated so far but like most of the stuff here top secert
i guess but back to the point

you need money and we need some who will be a stand up guy and take control of the future what about 1/8 scale nitro is there any way tofit this in to the program there are a lot of people who only do 1/8 you are leaving they out might not be a opition
There is no top secret stuff here, I just didn't want this to turn into a thread where people signed up to be in the club and everybody nominated everyone. We have someone in place and an e-mail account set up specifically for that. That was all I was trying to do, not piss anyone off.
We know that 1/8 scale is a big part of the hobby, but there is simply not enough room on the current track or enough ventilation for 1/8 scale nitro rigs. It has nothing to do with us not liking them. We allow 1/8 scale electrics, but even that is pushing the track past its limits IMHO.
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